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About the New England Brigade...


The 2024 New England Brigade Executive Board:

President: Todd M. Bryda      

Vice President: Ken Sellers

Secretary: Thom Page

Treasurer: Deb "Auggie" Martin

Military Commander: Todd Bryda

Members At Large: Tom Bierly, Kim Perlotto, Steve Raff

Civilian Coordinators: Wendy & Bob Benedict

Ex Officio Member: Phil DiMaria (Artillery Safety Officer)


The 2024 New England Brigade Command Staff:

Todd M. Bryda (Col., Military Commander)

Tom Bierly (Adjutant)

Thom Page (Capt., Officer of the Day)

 Matthew Cronin (Sgt. Major)

 Ken Sellers (Capt., Provost Marshall)

Dan O'Rourke (Capt., Quartermaster)

Randy Pesut (Safety Officer)

Peter Preble (Capt., Regimental Chaplain)

Ernest Hegmann (Capt., Chief Signal Corps Officer)

Wendy & Bob Benedict (Civilian Coordinators)


New England Brigade
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